Spelling Expert for iPad

Developed with students and teachers, this versatile app is used to improve spelling skills and to learn new words in foreign languages.
The clear design and the simple structure of the program help to progress efficiently.

Students of «LernMit» School are working with the iPad app co-developed by them.
Students of «LernMit» School are working with the iPad app co-developed by them.

The app provides eight different exercises to learn the entered words; these include drag & drop exercises with letters, dictation, or recognizing the word in various forms. The exercises vary in difficulty. Points are awarded when the correct answer is entered, according to the difficulty of the exercise. Once a word has been awarded 100 points, it is accepted as “learned”, and removed from the active list of words.

Multiple lists of words can be defined to allow several students to exercise with the same device, or to make various lists of words according to subjects / languages. Password protection allows a teacher to observe the student’s progress and requires a password to delete unlearned words.

Spelling Expert was developed with the students and teachers of the private school Lern Mit in Wohlen, Switzerland. Since the school’s founding in 1999, the computer science is an important component in the teaching concept. Since the summer of 2012 all students are equipped with iPads. Pappy GmbH and “Lern Mit” teamed up to use their combined experience with educational software to develop this app for students.


Available as a free or a pro version : Spelling Expert Light / Spelling Expert