Lexico Sound Puzzle

The cow makes meow!

Lexico Sound Puzzle is an iPhone game that reinforces cognitive and auditory abilities in an easy and imaginative way. Children explore sounds and learn to associate images with them. The App uses animals, musical instruments and sounds of everyday life. Lexico Sound Puzzle is also well-suited for young children, as all the navigation is done by symbols.

The game is played by dragging sounds onto the corresponding images. There are twenty puzzles in various themes like animals, people, classical and modern musical instruments, toys, household appliances, food, action, work environments, vehicles, alarm signals, sports, etc.

Each category also offers a game mode for advanced users, in which, as many sounds as possible have to be identified within one minute. High scores are recorded and can be sent to friends through email or social networks.

Lexcio Sounds Logo
Lexico Sound Puzzle is now available as a free download from the App Store. The free version includes ‘Animals & People’. All other levels can be unlocked with one in-App purchase.