Lexico Cognition

Cognitive & language development

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Lexico Cognition is an App to advance language development for children aged 3-10 years in a playful way. Created by speech therapists, teachers and designers, this app can be used in both in the context of developmental and acquired language disorders. A simple, logical user interface and attractive images motivate even younger children to work independently.

For speech therapy after a stroke or head trauma, Lexico Cognition offers a new approach to understanding concepts and vocabulary. Patients (accompanied or alone) can work with a engaging tool in the rehabilitation of their language skills.

Lexico Cognition Categories6×5 five exercises of different difficulty levels…
Cognition Exercise Example 1…for example: who wears what?
Cognition Exercise Example 2…or: what goes together?

The App focusses on understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills. In the exercises question cards are to be dragged onto the corresponding answer image.

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Lexico Cognition is available as a free download in the App Store, containing one level. (The other levels can be purchased through one in-app purchase.) The Pro version contains all levels.

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Lexico Cognition is also available in a variety of other languages:
English: Lexico Cognition / Lexico Cognition Pro
Spanish (for Spain): Lexico Cognitión / Lexico Cognitión Pro
Spanish (for the Americas): Lexico Cognición / Lexico Cognición Pro
French: Lexico Comprendre / Lexico Comprendre Pro
Italian: Lexico Comprensione / Lexico Comprensione Pro
German: Lexico Verstehen / Lexico Verstehen Pro
Portuguese (Portugal): Lexico Compreender / Lexico Compreender Pro
Portuguese (Brazil): Lexico Compreender / Lexico Compreender Pro
Dutch: Lexico Cognitie / Lexico Cognitie Pro

“A great, versatile game!”

Professionals and the media on Pappy’s Lexico Cognition

“Lexico Cognition is very well suited to improve language comprehension and language acquisition in children. Beginner-level readers can practice their reading comprehension. The vivid pictures and the simple but pleasurable task of assigning spoken texts to pictures keep children motivated to exercise for a longer period of time. The text is clearly spoken and can easily be repeated by tapping on it; this allows hearing- impaired children to work with the App independently. A great, versatile game to improve understanding of language!”

Susanna Züllig, speech therapist

“The levels that my preschooler has enjoyed most so far as ones where the question asks about whether something is to the left or to the right of something else. She also managed well with the games which ask her to identify a person based on a description of their clothing, and games which require her to work out whether something is next to, or on top of something else. It is really truly fascinating to watch her as she plays – you can see her concentration and how happy she is when she gets an answer correct. I have also noticed that she looks up to me to try and establish whether the answer she is about to choose is correct… in almost all cases she didn’t need my help!”


«In this beautifully designed App, children learn directions, opposites, actions and nouns.»

Sonntagszeitung, Sunday Paper, Switzerland